Puppies born 13.09.2022
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Great day at Geham trophy

Geham Trophy in Finland judge Dinu Catilina(Dorfo Bullterriers)
37 minis entered!
Our minis:
Whispering Word's Double Trouble 4th best junior male( became 9 months today)
Whispering Word's Dolce Vita best junior female and 4th best female (became 9 months today)
Whispering Word's Pure Gold Best of Breed!!!

Swedish trophy show 2018

Great success for us! Our Whispering Word's Pure Gold(Tinto) became Swedish Trophy show Winner 2018  and his sister Whispering Word's Play and Chillout(Puma) became runner up!

World Winner 2017 in Leipzig!

Our dogs showed very well:

miniature bullterrier Whispering Word's Pure Gold was excellent and finally chosen to the best 9 out of 19 in champion class!

Bavarian mountain hound - 41 entry!
Evar Z Babinej Hory - BOB, JWW 2017, Best junior in breed, Best in 6th group junior 4, Best in show German breed 4, became German Junior Champion!
Whispering Word's Chocichino won intermedia class, became 4th best female and new German Champion!
Genius Pathfinder won Champion Class and became 2nd best female in breed, also got VDH Certificate!

German Winner show 2017

Our bavarian mountain hounds made us proud:
Evar Z Babinej Hory - Junior Certificate, Best junior of Breed, German Junior Winner, BOS!!!
Whispering Word's Chocichino - VDH Certificate, RCACIB, 2nd best female!!!
Genius Pathfinder - 2nd in Champion class!
Our Miniature bullterrier
Whispering Word's Pure Gold won Champion class and got VDH Certificate!

International dog show in Aland

Miniature bullterrier Whispering Word's Pure Gold - CERT; CACIB; BOO, became Finish Champion
Bavarian mountain hound Evar Z Babinej Hory - CERT; BOB

Ventspils National dog show in Latvia with super success!

National Dog Show Kurzemes Winner 2017!

Miniature bullterrier Whispering Word's Pure Gold - CAC; BOB; BIG4! New Champion of Latvia!
Bavarian mountain hound Evar Z Babinej Hory - JCAC; BOB at his first show in life!

Evar Z Babinej Hory - JCAC, BOB, BIG2!


Results for our kennel team from Swedish speciality:
Whispering Word's Real Beauty(Viska) - 1st in junior class!
Miniature bullterriers:
Whispering Word's Pure Gold(Tinto) became 3d in his class
Vestbull Citrine Black Beauty(Keira) was 1st in very big class and became 2nd best female in very strong competition!
We participate in couple class with Keira and Tinto and we Won it!!!
Show was judged by breed specialists Heidi Holland(Boromir) and Linda Flegg(Vortex)

Great weekend for our kennel Whispering Words! At national show in Västerås our miniature bullterrier Whispering Words became Swedish show champion and Best of breed, was shortlisted in big terrier group!
Our bavarian mountain hounds Harbackens Nitro became best veteran in breed and 2nd best male after stunning champion male and upcoming star Whispering Words Chocochino got her 1st Cert and became best of oposite!

Our Genius Pathfinder BIG1

Whispering Words at Swedish Terrier clubs speciality show!

Our golden boy Whispering words Pure Gold became best male, best junior of breed and finaly was BOS beated by his mother Citrin Black Beauty who got BOB! 24 breed entries judged by breed specialist Penny Sands (Krakenexis)!

National show in Kaliningrad(RUS)

Our Citrine black beauty became Russian champion!

  •  Miniature Bullterrier Vestbuu Citrine Black Beauty -became Show Champion of Sweden!
  • Bavarian mountain hound Genius Pathfinder is Interchampion now!


Europian Dog Show( Norway)!

Our Bavarian Mountain hound Genius Pathfinder was BOO and CACIB; EUW2015 and became Norwegian Champion and Champion of Nordic countries.

National show in Liepaja!

Our miniature bullterriers:

Whispering Words Probobly The Best both days was BOB puppy and placed in BIS Puppy!

Vestbull Citrine Black Beauty Both days was BOB, became Latvian Champion and her mother Allatlantica Marvel was BF2.

Bullterrier Atiamo Beauty for Whispering Words was BOB and BIG3!

Show "Latvian Winner"

Genius Pathfinder - exe; CQ; CAC; CACIB; Latvian Winner 2015! And new Latvian Champion!

07.06.2015 - National show in Norrkoping(Sweden) our
Bullterrier: Atiamo Beauty for Whispering Words - exe; CQ; CAC; BOB
Miniature Bullterrier: Vestbull Citrine Black Beauty - exe; CQ; RCAC!

Good results at IDS show in Österbybruk(Sweden) today our Genius Pathfinder - exe; CQ; CAC;CACIB;BOB BIG4; new Swedish show champion!

New pictures of ''P'' litter!

Swedish szhweisshound club show 2015!

Genius Pathfinder at speciality show with 33 entries of bavarian mountain hounds became BEST OF BREED!

Puppies 3 weeks!

IDS Swedish Winner 2015!

Our bullterrier girl Atiamo Beauty for Whispering Words is Swedish Junior Winner 2015!

Our Bavarian mountain dog - Genius Pathfinder got CAC, CACIB, BOB, Swedish Winner 2015 and BIG3!

Great Success!


Two days in national shoyw in Valmiera(Latvia) our little Atiamo Beauty for Whispering Words was BOB puppy and second day BEST IN SHOW PUPPY!   

Super News!

Our Vestbull Citrine Black Beauty is Full Health tested now:

  • Bear +/+
  • DNA PLL - clear through parantage
  • Patella - OK
  • Kidney (UPC) - OK
  • Heart - OK
  • Skin - OK

CACIB show"Swedish Winner"

Genius Pathfinder - exe; CQ; CAC; BOO;CACIB; Swedish Winner 2014

International show in Gimo(Sweden) 13.09.2014.

  • Genius Pathfinder - exe; CQ; CAC; CACIB; BOB; BIG4

National show in Ventspils(Latvia)6;7.09.2014.

Great news!

  • Our little star Vestbull Citrin Black Beauty at National dog show in Ventspils was Best of breed 2 days in row and became BIG3 and now she is Latvian Junior Champion!

Biggest thanks to our best handler Samanta for results!

  • Our Genius Pathfinder is Swedish hunting champion now! Just 15 month old!

World Dog Show 2014!

  • Harbackens Nitro - exe; CQ; RCAC; CACIB; World Winner 2014!
  • Genius Pathfinder - exe; CQ; CAC; World Junior Winner 2014!

National show in Palanga(LT) 08.07.2014.

  • Harbackens Nitro - exe; CQ; LT CAC; NN; BOS
  • Genius Pathfinder - exe; CQ;LTJCAC; BOB; BIS JUNIOR 2; BIG1


Genius Pathfinder - New Swedish tracking champion!

Easter show in Stockholm!

  • Genius Pathfinder - exe; CQ; CAC; BOB; BIG2!

Latvian Winner 2014!

  • Vestbull Citrine Black Beauty - BIS PUPPY 5!

My Dog 2014 CACIB show in Gothenburg

  • Allatlantica Marvel - CAC; CACIB; BOB; New champion of Sweden!
  • Vestbull Citrine Black Beauty - Best puppy female in breed! Thanks to judges!



Nordic Winner 2013

  • Allatlantica Marvel - BF4; Res CAC

Show in Liepaja(7.12.2013.)

  • Vestbull Ciquitita - Best of breed baby; Best in show baby 3!

Show in Liepaja(8.12.2013.)

  • Allatlantica Marvel - BOB
  • Vestbull Citrine Black Beauty - Best of breed baby; Best in show baby 2!

Baltic Winner(10.11.2013)

  • Allatlantica Marvel - BF2; CACIB; BALTIC WINNER 2013!
  • Judge Ramune Kazlauskaite from Lithuania!


"Terrier day" (21.09.2013)

  • Our Allatlantica Marvel - Club CAC; BOB; Judge - Joanna Szczepanska - Korpetta (Poland)
  • New photos of puppies!
  • Two weeks photo!
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  • Our puppies was born on 27. june!

CACIB dog show "Latvian Winner 2013" (31.03.2013)

  • ALLATLANTICA MARVEL - CACIB; BOB; LVW`13 Thanks to judge Андрей Кисляков from Belarus

ALLATLANTICA MARVEL(Rīza) health tested:
DNA PLL - CLEAR through parentage
BAER - Clear
Doppler - Clear
UPC - Clear
Patella - Clear

8;9.12.2012. National shows in Liepaja"Ambercoast 2012" & "Amber winter"

  • ALLATLANTICA MARVEL BOBx2& BIG4 Thanks to judges Svietlana Radziuk(BLR)& Rafael Malo Alcrudo(S)

11.11.2011. International show Zooekspo 2012

  • 11.11.2011. International show Zooekspo 2012 ALLATLANTICA MARVEL - BOB; CACIB ;Judge: Bojan Matakovič(HR)

28.09.2012 Terrier day

  •   Our beautifull girl ALLATLANTICA MARVEL(Rīza) - BOB and CW certeficate at speciality show Terrier day! Thanks to judge A. Brace

RETO Club Show in Latvia Golden Bull Trophy 2012

  •   Allatlantica Marvel won "Open class" under Bill Lambert (CALIBER)
  •   During this year(2012) Allatlantica Marvel closed champion titles of 5 countries: Latvia; Lithuania; Estonia; Ukrain and Russia. She is champion of RKF.
  • During this shows Allatlantica Marvel got 2x CACIB and 1x RCACIB
  •   In 2011 year our sweet bull terrier miniature Allatlantica Marvel became Latvian Junior Champion!


Puppies born 13.09.2022
Puppies born 13.09.2022
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